Welcome to Comparatory!

Comparatory is a web application that provides novel insights about public companies based on free text data from regulatory filings. It uses deep learning to understand a company's business model, and provides several channels to explore the competitive landscape.

Beyond SIC codes

Commercial marketing, underwriting and due diligence often provide estimates of a target company's value and risks by comparing it to its peers. Traditionally, this process depends heavily on SIC codes, industry categories which are often overly-simplistic. Comparatory provides rich but quantifiable descriptions of a company's business model, allowing you to move beyond SIC codes.



Find similar companies: give Comparatory a company name and it will identify the five next most similar companies.


Visualize segments: identify clusters of similar companies using Comparatory's interactive graphics.


Describe a company: describe the type of company you are looking for and Comparatory will find the closest matches (coming soon).


Application program interface: Find peers and visualize the landscape with Comparatory's RESTful API.

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